Upload Data

Important Information:
  1. Column required: DATE, OPEN, HIGH, LOW, CLOSE, VOLUME.
    Volume is not required if you do not have the data.
  2. Format of the date: DD/MM/YYYY or DD-MM-YYY. Example: Use 01-08-2018 instead of 1-Aug-2018.
  3. Please do not leave any blank row/column in between.
  4. Please do have sufficient data. Example: If you are going to backtest SMA (20),
    you need to have more than 20 data being uploaded. It is suggested to have at least 5-year period of data for a good quality backtesting result.
    10-year data would be highly recommended.
  1. 必须有的栏/格式: DATE, OPEN, HIGH, LOW, CLOSE, VOLUME。
  2. 日期的格式: DD/MM/YYYY DD-MM-YYY。例: 被接纳的日期格式为 01-08-2018。1-Aug-2018将不被接受。
  3. 不要在数据之间插入空行/空格
  4. 请确保您拥有足够的数据。例: 如果您想要回测SMA(20),您须上载超过20个数据。若需要较好的回测结果,建议最少回测5年的数据。